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Hot Diggity Doggery, Lethbridge’s only specialty gourmet Hot dog restaurant. We put a curl in your wiener and nestle it in a fresh hot bun, making it the best in the west.


Hot Diggity Doggery

Hot Diggity Doggery is a one-of-a-kind restaurant that specializes in gourmet hotdogs.

The Lethbridge founders of Hot Diggity Doggery uncovered a passion for gourmet hot dogs after travelling throughout North America and gorging themselves on multiple hot dogs. Our gourmet Hotdog concept incorporates the best of North America’s hot dog’s scene, like Chicago, New York, Montreal and Vancouver, with an innovative, culinary twist in order to create the Best Gourmet Hot Dog eatery in Lethbridge!

Hot Diggity Doggery Hot Dogs aren’t your average, run-of-the-mill franks like the other places!

Hot Diggity Doggery Hot Dogs are topped with high-quality fresh products. All of our special add-ons are made in-house, including fresh-made slaws and signature condiments toppings.

We hope you enjoy the diverse, inventive flavours that our menu has to offer and don’t be apprehensive about trying new things or creating your very own dog. We really appreciate your patronage and welcome you to come again soon!

A Few of Our Favorites!

The Whoop-Up Dog
Char grilled beef frank, maple campfire beans, crisp bacon, sauteed onions, spicy crisp-fried onions, spicy brown mustard, whisky BBQ sauce in a poppy seed hoagie roll. With your choice of side.

Jamaican Jerk Dog
Char grilled beef frank, pulled jerk chicken, chopped onion, Jamaican jerk sauce, pineapple mango chutney in a ciabatta hoagie roll. With your choice of side.

Mexican Dog
Char grilled beef frank, fajita grilled grilled bell peppers and onions, avocado, diced tomato, shredded cheese, roasted jalapeƱo, crushed corn chips, sriracha aioli, chopped cilantro in poppy seed bun. With your choice of side.

Hot Diggity Doggery

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